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Hotel Social Media

Start a conversation with your guests.

Social media sites become more and more important for hotel marketing as they are highly visual channels, and younger targets spend more time watching YouTube than television, and they spend more time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat than they do reading books or newspapers.

Almost 25% of customers visit the social media profile of the property before reserving - or not reserving- a hotel.

It is a clear way to build a relationship with your guests before, during and after their stay and it also boosts your search engine performance as it contributes as a ranking factor. It is also an important traffic driver.

Of course, everybody uses social media, but a lot of properties do not have a strategy aligned with their marketing or sales objectives; they do not target the right customer or use any reporting tools to measure their performance and improve the engagement with their customers.

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- Replying on your behalf.
- Driving traffic to your hotel website.
- Capturing leads.

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